Towarzystwo Internistów Polskich
The 5th International Academy of Autoimmunity

We are very proud to invite you to the 5th International Academy of Autoimmunity 2019, which will be an international teaching event in the beautiful and historical city of Warsaw, Poland this 13-15 December 2019. In our global scientific community today, knowledge and collaboration continue to cross all boundaries and so, we would like to further the exchange in the field of autoimmunity. Our goal is to deliver the knowledge and the latest updates on Autoimmunity from the leading International specialists in the field - to the physicians and researchers in Poland. With Warsaw in the heart of Poland and Poland in the heart of Europe, it is not surprising that the capital city has developed into one of the continent's prime scientific destinations. It is a common meeting place for scientific conferences in this part of the continent. Many institutions and organisations from Central and Eastern Europe have their offices in Warsaw, which has naturally led to a never-ending river of ideas and innovations.

Yehuda Shoenfeld, President
Maria Maslinska, President
Abul Abbas, President

Join us this 13-15 December 2019 for an inspiring atmosphere of medical science mixed with the magical surroundings of a dynamic and forward-looking, constantly changing and always offering great potential for the future city of Warsaw. 5th International Academy of Autoimmunity 2019 offers you the chance to combine science, medicine, art, and pleasure, and we look forward to welcoming you to the capital of Poland.